Our Story


Why we care and why you should too…

Powell Recovery Center provides innovative, high quality behavioral healthcare for public health clients in Baltimore City including treatment on demand for rapid access to addictions and dual recovery care in the fentanyl/opioid epidemic. For more than two decades, PRC has worked to remove barriers to service and put recovery within reach for our public health clients. 

PRC has operated in its current headquarters location since 1994. We provide appointments for clients as rapidly as possible, meaning within 24 hours of first contact to PRC.

At the client’s first appointment PRC completes a thorough evaluation, medical intervention and placement in treatment. Also during the first appointment, PRC will triage and schedule a mental health evaluation. A treatment plan is completed and the client starts in treatment group the following day.

A complete continuum of treatment from very intensive stabilization and detoxification to residential treatment and outpatient treatment is provided seamlessly to the client based on clinical presentation. PRC’s medical staff includes three physicians, 2 advance practice nurses and one psychiatrist along with RN’s and medical technicians.

Clients needing Dual Recovery Treatment services, will see the psychiatrist and enroll in the Dual Recovery program shortly after admission to treatment and stabilization. PRC also provides a Psychiatric Rehab Program called LIFE providing support and assistance for independent living in the community for clients who qualify for services.  

PRC has a large staff of addictions counselors, licensed mental health clinicians and peer support staff who work in teams providing daily treatment and support to clients. The behavioral healthcare team works with the medical staff to provide comprehensive treatment.